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CannaOne Crosses the Target of 10,000 Sign-Ups for its Pre-Launch of the CBD Marketplace

CannaOne Technologies Inc. is engaged in the development of proprietary digital tools that serve multiple segments of the cannabis industry. CannaOne Technologies is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction through tools that suit different situations of cannabis sale. It has developed Bloomkit, first-of-its-kind enterprise software solution which proves useful to any B to C Cannabis Company. Bloomkit features include pick-up scheduling, online storefronts for cannabis dispensaries, delivery of medical and recreational marijuana.

The BWell MarketCannaOne recently announced that it has easily crossed the initial target of 10,000 member registrations for the BWell CBD Online Marketplace pre-launch campaign. This campaign adopted a referral-based sign-up program to make sure the marketplace has a foundation ofa truly authentic community of interested candidates. The best way to make this possible was to introduce the company to new clients through referral. This campaign will remain a continuous strategy and registrations are expected to grow exponentially. The marketplace will be opened this month with a large customer base already excited to purchase various premium CBD products.

According to Solomon Riby-Williams, the CEO of CannaOne Technologies, the pre-launch was organized as a way to make people feel special along with educating them about the benefits of a CBD marketplace. He added that they understand how important it is for people to be introduced to the BWell marketplace through people they knew or trusted. The goal was to build a strong community of members before the marketplace opened officially.

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